Friday, October 24, 2008

About the Kids

I don't usually post about family stuff, so I hope you all don't mind if I share. Life is crazy enough with 3 kids, and the amount of activities we do is a little over the top. So just to throw a little more crazy into our routine, the kids were playing with a big balloon they had received as a party favor. They were kicking it around and my daughter kicked it full force, missed and made solid contact with our large, wooden, couch foot. Needless to say the couch came out the winner and we spent the morning in the emergency care center.

The x-rays showed nothing was broken, but she had to get liquid stitches. I think it's called durabond, which is basically a superglue. The doctor said she needed to take it easy for a few days so the cut could heal properly. Sounds great right? We get to relax and miss a few activities. Well 2 days later while taking it easy, my son got stung by a bee. And guess what? He is allergic to bee stings. I should have taken a picture of his thigh to show you the size of it. So now I have two recovering children who are milking their injuries for all they can and one child who needs extra attention because she's not injured and feels left out. So much for taking it easy!
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