Monday, October 13, 2008


I did OK at Publix today. It seems that the more I save, the more I want to save. Today I bought a lot of good stuff and did pretty well with my savings, but if I don't save at least as much as I spend I'm not excited. Mind you this is coming from someone who didn't even use coupons 6 months ago. I hope I'm not going to need therapy to recover from coupon and sale addictions.

Sorrento ricotta cheese $3.00
soda $.69
soda $.69
Mrs. C's croutons BOGO $1.39
Mrs. C's croutons
Barber stuffed chicken BOGO $4.99 (used 2 - $1.00 coupons; final price each $1.50)
Barber stuffed chicken
Luigi lemon Italian ice BOGO $3.19
Luigi lemon Italian ice
Progresso bread crumbs BOGO $ 1.95
Progresso bread crumbs
Polly-O mozzarella $3.69
2 Fruity Cheerios & Cocoa Puffs 3 for $5.00 (used $1.00 off 3; final price each $1.34)
pretzels $1.50
Doritos BOGO $3.79
Lysol cleaner BOGO $2.69 (used 2 - $ .50 off; final price each $ .85)
Lysol cleaner
Ronzoni penne BOGO $1.39
Ronzoni penne
tortilla chips $2.29
Ronzoni pastina BOGO $1.39
Ronzoni pastina
Salsa BOGO $2.39
Classico Vodka sauce BOGO $2.69
Classico Vodka sauce
red potato $2.99
lettuce $.79
deli ham $4.55
green beans $2.69

My total was $50.22, and I saved $43.60.
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