Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun kids experiment

I'm not sure if this falls under the experiment category, but we do it a lot and my kids love it. My kids first did it at school and call it ooblock. At least that's how they pronounce it and I didn't have time to look it up. Just take corn starch and mix it with water. It's best to play around with it until you get the right consistency, we've tried quite a few times using different recipes, but it never comes out right.
Put the corn starch in a bowl and add a little water at a time. When you hit it or press hard it's a solid. When you dig your fingers in and lift, it becomes a liquid. We add food coloring to change the color. It's really cheap, easy to make and clean up and the kids will play with it for a long time.
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I didn't have any great deals or coupons this week, but I did OK. I'm seeing some of the other deals out there and my Publix doesn't have a lot of them, I double checked! I'm still liking Publix better then any other stores we have here, but we definitely need more competition!

Entenmann's BOGO $3.99
Arnold Bread BOGO $2.79
Arnold bread
Milk $379
Orange Juice $2.49
Hebrew National Franks BOGO $4.79
Hebrew National Franks
Caesar salad BOGO $2.99
Caesar salad
Tortilla chips $1.67
pretzel twists $1.50
Kellogg's corn pops BOGO $3.89
Kellogg's frosted flakes
Ronzoni Pastina BOGO $1.39
Ronzoni Pastina
Betty Crocker fruit roll ups BOGO $2.75
Betty Crocker fruit roll ups
bananas 1.62lbs $1.12
french bread $1.79
club soda $.69
shark bite fruit snacks BOGO $2.75
scooby doo fruit snacks
Ronzoni spaghetti BOGO $1.39
Ronzoni spaghetti BOGO
green beans $2.89
Kellogg's Fruit Loops BOGO $3.89
Kellogg's Fruit Loops
ground beef $2.68

Used $1.00 in coupons. Total was $48.29 for $84.37 worth of groceries. Savings of $36.08

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CVS was OK this week, I've been a little annoyed that they seem to run out of items right away at my store these days. I doubt this is by accident. The girls at my store said that CVS has changed their delivery day from Monday to Thursday night. So if they get the item in it won't be on the shelf until Friday. A little suspicious if you ask me.

I had two transactions today:

Transaction #1

2 - Cottonelle 12 double roll pack $6.49 each
2 - Viva paper towels 8 rolls 50 ct. $6.49 each

- $ .50 coupon on Cottonelle
- $ .50 coupon on Cottonelle

After $13.00 in ECBs my out of pocket was $12.81. I usually wouldn't waste ECBs on something like this, but the sale price was really good (I saved $16.00 before ECBs) and I got $10.00 back in ECBs.

Transaction #2

Ivory soap 3 bars $.99
2 - Crest ProHealth $2.99 each
2 - Brut antipersp./deod. BOGO $3.79
Adidas antipersp./deod. $4.99

-$.75 Crest coupon
-$.75 Crest coupon
-$1.00 off Brut
-$1.00 off Brut
-1.00 off Adidas

After $10.00 in ECBs my OOP was $1.63. I received $4.00 ECBs for the Crest & $4.00 ECBs for the Adidas.