Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stove update

So I vented about my hatred for Maytag the other day. I worked for a builder for a long time so I know the guys at our local store where I bough the appliances from. Since I was right there I stopped in to tell them about my dilemma, and one of the guys I know told me how he was going to "take care of me" and do whatever he could & that I shouldn't worry. He was nice enough to even schedule me for the next day so I wouldn't have to wait, he just asked that I call him in the morning to give him the model & serial numbers so he could get an idea of what we were looking at. Great I thought, he's not going to charge me much and it will be fixed right away, how lucky am I!

So the next morning I called him and gave him the information. He told me to give him a minute and he'd call me right back. Sure enough, a few minutes later he called. My jaw hit the floor when he told me it would be $180.00 to fix it. Then I thought about it and figured it really wasn't too bad. So I told him that was fine, I was just going to let my husband know it was going to cost $180. That was when he mentioned that the $180 was only for the part. It would be an additional $75.00 for the guy to come to the house. OK, so I did the math, $255.00. Now mind you as I'm talking to him I'm looking at the fliers from Sunday's paper with an oven/stove for $399.00 so I'm becoming more and more skeptical by the minute. Then he tells me to have the guy call him once he's at my house so he could see what they could do. I have to admit that I was starting to get a little annoyed at how he was "taking care of me".

I'm figuring at this point he's not going to give me much of a discount since he hasn't mentioned any specific numbers. So, again, I told him I was just going to call the hubby and run the $255.00 by him. This next part is true, I kid you not. That's when he said that $255.00 wasn't the total, I would still have to pay $50.00 minimum for installation plus tax. So I said, oh so the final price is $305.00? And his response was "minimum, plus tax".

The ad for the $399 stove is now looking pretty good. So I said I'd have to call my husband and see what he thought since it was almost as high as buying a new stove. That's when he told me all about the new stove I could buy from him for $499.00 plus tax, with a year warranty. I can't decide if this is where he was headed the whole time, or he just figured I'd use them no matter what. Needless to say I made an excuse and cancelled.

I called the hubby and filled him in and after he had a good laugh he said not to worry, we'd just get a new stove. Apparently my husband of 14 years has never met me, since I have yet to find an occasion not to worry. So I hung up and ran to the computer to check out all the stoves in the universe. After about an hour, I was pretty happy with what I had discovered. There were plenty of stoves that were under $400.00 that had everything I need. All of a sudden I hear a beep, so I get up to investigate and end up in the kitchen. The clock on the stove was on and flashing and I could turn on the oven!!! I couldn't make this up if I tried. I've been told the computer may have gotten wet from steam, which caused it to stop working until it dried out. I don't know how long this will last, the clock is still acting funky, but it's been on for 2 days and still going strong.