Monday, September 8, 2008

I hate Maytag appliances

I'm not feeling good and I'm super duper cranky, so I haven't posted any of my deals this week. I'll try to get it together tomorrow. I have B-12 deficiency and forgot to get my shot, so I've been getting headaches and I'm tired. I can only get the shot in the morning, otherwise I can't sleep at night. Hopefully we'll remember before hubby leaves for work tomorrow...

Anyway, my oven is broke. The computer board where the clock is went crazy the other day, then went off. I can use the stove top, but the oven is kaput. I never realized how much I use my oven until now, when I can't use it. Maybe hate is a strong word, but I'm very disappointed. We bought all new Maytag appliances when we built our house about 5 years ago and we've had nothing but trouble. We did the extended warranty, so this will be the first time we have to pay to have it fixed (well we paid for the extended warranty, but you know what I mean). So far we had to replace the computer board on the dishwasher twice, 3 different parts have gone bad on the refrigerator and the dryer had some problems. In addition, the plastic broke off in a bunch of places on the stove and the fridge had a leak in the water dispenser and has rusted underneath the paint around it. All that happened within the warranty, but Maytag wouldn't cover it because they said it was cosmetic.

We bought Kenmore appliances from Sears for our last house and lived there for 7 years without one problem. The repair man is coming tomorrow to check it out and see what has to be done and what it will cost. Wish me luck.
No, I do hate Maytag.