Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another giveaway

Frugal Mommy of 2 girls is having another cute giveaway, this adorable freshwater pearl bracelet! Contest will end September 12, 2008 9:00 PM EST. Good Luck!



I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think I have bargain burnout. I ran to CVS today so I wouldn't have to go tomorrow and could take advantage of the 2 day specials. I was so crazed at the checkout that I wasn't paying attention and will have to go back to return/fix this transaction anyway. I got the "bad" cashier, she's really nice but questions every coupon and will do nothing without checking with the manager. ALL my Revlon coupons beeped and she wouldn't take them (and I had 3 different kinds), there was a long line behind me and I panicked, said don't worry about the coupons and paid. When I got to the car I realized the Revlon polishes weren't free after ECBs ( I have no idea why I thought they were) and it did matter that they wouldn't take my coupons. Oh well, I'll figure it out tomorrow.

I only have one CVS card, but when the deals are super good I take my mom's card (or my mom) and do an extra transaction and today was one of those days.

First transaction:

2 Aussie hairsprays $2.49 each
L'Oreal Genesis towelettes $5.99

Total $10.97
used $2.00 off 2 Aussie products coup.
used $1.00 off 1 L'Oreal Genesis coup.
used $7.97 in ECBs

Total out of pocket was $ .20. I got back $7.99 in ECBs.

Second Transaction:
3 Right Guard deodorants $2.99 each
2 Soft & Dri deodorants $2.99
Act Rinse $4.49
3 Revlon polishes $3.99 each
Herbal Essence Shampoo $2.50
Herbal Essence Conditioner $2.50
L'Oreal Genesis towelettes $5.99
Excedrin $1.99

Total $ 44.37

used $1.00 off Right guard (had 3 so $3.00 off)
used $ .75 off Soft & Dri (had 2 so $1.50 off)
used $1.00 off Act rinse
used $2.00 off Herbal Essence coup (had 2 so $ 4.00 off)
used $1.00 off L'Oreal Genesis
used $2.00 off Excedrin
$12.50 in coupons.

After ECB's total was $14.99 for $63.07 worth of items. I got back $28.99 in ECBs, $2.00 for Act, $5.99 for L'oreal, $10.00 for deodorant, $9.00 for Revlon polish & $2.00 for Herbal Essence. I know I need to divide my transactions up so I'll have less out of pocket, but I was just done and wanted to get home.