Friday, September 5, 2008

TJ MAXX - My best deals ever!

My deals at TJ Maxx just keep getting better and better. I really don't shop all the time, although I'm sure it may seem that way. I have a small loop of stores that I hit on Monday, and another I go to on Friday. This way I'm not wasting gas. So today's trip included a stop at TJ Maxx, just to see what they had. I truly wasn't very optimistic, since I thought I had cleared out the store of all the bargains my last two trips. Boy was I wrong. I was able to get:

Miken girls long sweat shorts $1.00 (regularly $15.00, I got 1 blue pair & 1 pink pair).
Self Esteem girls top $1.00 (reg. $15)
Cocoa Authentic vintage shorts $1.00 (reg. $29.00)(I should have bought more of those!)Speedo aquatic adult bathing suit $3.00 (reg. $84.00)
Carter's romper $1.00 (reg. $16.00)

All that for $8.52!! The retail value was $174.00. I saved $165.48, that's about 95%. I'm definitely savoring the moment, deals this good are few and far between!