Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free blog backgrounds

Looking for a neat way to dress up your blog for free? I found this really cute website called The cutest blog on the block (even the name is cute!). Check out all the blog backgrounds they are offering here.
Here is a peek at just a few of the 200 plus free blog backgrounds they offer:

My Favorite Things

I can't believe I almost forgot about my favorite thing this week. Again. My favorite thing this week is my new black shirt. I tried to take a picture, but it just looks like a plain black shirt so I didn't post it. It's not really new, I didn't just buy it, just new to me wearing it. Probably didn't say that right, but hopefully you know what I mean. I was cleaning out my closet, trying to eliminate some clutter, and there it was. So I tried it on and it fit nice. It's a little fancier then a t-shirt, tighter on the top and flows out a bit. I have no idea why I haven't worn it before, but I'm glad to have found it again, I've already worn it twice. That truly is the best bargain I'll find this week!

For more favorite things go visit Sarah's blog at Fiddledeedee.

Speaking of organizing...

We are only a few weeks into the school year and a problem is starting to rear it's ugly head. My kids bring home papers every day. Lots and lots of papers. Some are easy to get rid of, with 3 kids we get 3 of all the generic stuff, baseball clinics, Spanish lessons, tennis classes. If I'm interested I keep one and recycle the rest. Annoying yes, but no big deal.

Then there is the classroom work. I keep anything that is handmade, pictures they draw, stories they write, crafts they make. Some of the other stuff that comes home is a little trickier. Will I really look back on a worksheet, that they have just put a few numbers on, as a treasure from their childhood? Do I need the printed out results from every AR test they take?

I can't possibly store it all. I already have 2 storage bins filled to the brim with their work from previous years. This year I started a folder on the counter to easily store what I want to save, but it's already filling up. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on the matter? Please don't be shy, comment or e-mail me!!!


I bought some crates to try to get more organization into my son's room. His nickname is Bugaboo, so when I refer to him as Bug you know why. Anyway, I am willing to admit that Bug is spoiled. My children are fortunate that they have lots of grandparents that spoil them with love and lots of stuff. Much of that stuff is in the form of small items, with lots of little pieces.

My girls are pretty good about it. We can periodically clean out their stuff, donate anything that is in good shape and clean out the junk. Bug, not so much. He remembers every toy he has, what goes together, how many pieces are involved and everything in between! So we have devised a system where all the toys (I'm talking about smaller items like star wars figures, Lego's, teen titan figures, superheros etc...) are divided into groups that go together, then we put them into gallon storage bags.

The plan is to put these smaller bags into the crates and stack them up so there is more room. The rule is no more then one bag (unless there was overflow and we had to use two bags to house it) at a time is allowed out. Right now we have the bags stored in a large garbage bag in my husbands closet and Bug has a hard time getting them out from there. I'm hoping that these crates will be an easier system for us. I'll take a picture and let you know how it turns out.


I will also be keeping a close eye on Target's clearance. They started the back to school stuff on clearance and it's 30% off. I will get a few key items at 50% off, keeping my receipt close in case I can get it cheaper. Then I will buy it for the better price and return the old one (Target will not give price reductions on clearance merchandise). I will stock up at 75% off and buy anything I think my kids will use at 90% off. I've done this for the past few years, then store the stuff inside backpacks (the ones I just got really cheap for next year) in the closet. They really don't take up too much space and I save hundreds of dollars that way (with 3 kids the back packs alone would cost me a fortune if I paid full price). The also had a huge amount of items throughout the store at 30%, which they will hopefully mark down at the same rate as the school supplies.

This trip I bought two champion shirts, one is a water shirt for my son to wear at the beach/pool. I paid $2.48 and the original price was $10. The other is for my husband for work. He's a physical education teacher and is outside all day long in the Florida heat so the duo/dry ventilation shirts are awesome for him. I paid $3.74 and they are usually $15.00. This was the only one left, otherwise I would have bought them all for this price. I got 10 blank cards for $1.24. I also bought 3 crates that were on clearance for $1.74 each down from $3.50. I am organizing my son's room, so I'll post about that next.

CVS - part two

I went back to use my coupons and to take advantage of some more deals. I really needed cards so I was pleasantly surprised when even that had a special (I have to buy 4 more cards to get a free card, but still). Check out the crazy part of this trip here.
Dawn Ultra $ .99 - $ .50 coupon = $ .49
4 Hallmark cards $ 5.66
5 Goody/BC headache products $6.45 ($1.29 each)
Febreze noticeable kit $6.99 - $5.00 coupon = $1.99
Cover Girl Outlast BOGO - 2 for $9.99 - $9.99 BOGO coupon = both free!
Cover Girl Outlast BOGO - 2 for $9.99 - $9.99 BOGO coupon = both free!

After ECBs my total out of pocket was $ .86 for $64.95 worth of product (before sale prices, coupons & tax). I got back $6.45 in ECBs for the Goody/BC headache products. I love this game!!

Publix, again.

This is why I hate when my grocery shopping gets off track. I had an extra shopping trip last week (because of great deals and Labor Day weekend) so I hit Publix Monday with a short list based on sales. Unfortunately, I forgot to check on what we needed and we ran out of milk & bread. My own fault, we are usually a cheerios & mini wheat family, I should have known my kids would go crazy for the sugar cereals and eat it every day. Yes I do realize that I bought more, but it was such a deal I couldn't help myself. Besides, my three kids and hubby (he'll eat it more then the kids) will finish it off in no time and we'll be back to normal (at least until the next great sale!).
Kellogg's cereal BOGO (2 boxes) $3.89 for 2 - $1.00 off coupon = $1.45 each
Kellogg's cereal BOGO (2 boxes) $3.89 for 2 - $1.00 off coupon = $1.45 each
Wishbone dressing BOGO (2 bottles) $2.69 for 2 - $1.00 coupon = $ .85 each
Milk $3.79
Bread $ .89
My total was $12.15 for $25.88 worth of groceries. I saved $13.73.