Monday, September 1, 2008


I have given up trying to figure out my CVS trip. My cashier accidentally had an extra lipstick on my order that neither one of us noticed until after I had paid. Because I had used my ECBs it was a little complicated and they ended up giving me a gift card back. I know the money is right, but for some reason I can't make the numbers on the receipt work, so I'll just tell you what I got and how much each item came to (the total is before Extra Care Bucks that the purchase earns):
Charmin toilet paper $6.49 (.25 coupon - $6.24)
Dawn dish liquid (2) $.99 (.50 coupons - $ .49 each)
Colgate Total (2) $ 2.99 ($1.00 coupons - $1.99 each)
Cover girl wet slicks $5.99 ($1.00 coupon - $4.99)
Cover girl Outlast lipstick (2) on sale Buy One Get One (I used a BOGO coupon so they were both free!)
Suave (4) $1.79 each ($7.16)
After ECBs my out of pocket was about $1.23. I got back $4.00 for the Colgate, $5.99 for the wet slicks & $2.00 for the Suave, which is a total of $11.99 in ECBs for next time (which will probably be tomorrow since I have 2 more BOGO coupons for the Outlast).
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My budget

I've said many times that I am amazed at all these wonderful women who live on a grocery budget of less then $50.00 a week, but it's just not for me. If I ever had to buy toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies in the same week I'd be in big trouble! So I've decided to set a budget, for our family of five, at $100 a week and see how that goes. I've done it for the past few weeks and so far I've been pretty close.
My budget will go from Sunday to Saturday and I'll try to update this every week.

Week of August 31 - September 6
So far I've spent:
Publix $28.86
CVS $1.23
Publix $12.15
CVS $ .86
Target $13.51
TJ Maxx $8.52
Fast food $5.29 ( Yes, I caved, I was out of the house from 8:00 a.m. until after 6p.m.. I was hungry and needed a snack for the kids since we weren't headed home.
Target2 $22.91

$93.33 spent.

$6.67 left for the week.

9/7/2008 We made our budget this week, with $6.67 left!!

I'm not posting a budget this week because I've decided I'm not having one. I'm still tired and cranky and I've decided to throw caution to the wind and forget the budget just for this week. I haven't gone crazy with it either, I think I just need a little room to groove and breathe. I'll be back next week refreshed and raring to go!!

This week at Publix

I'm a little off on my shopping because of the Labor Day weekend. I went to Albertsons Friday (you can see that trip here) so I just picked up a few things at Publix this week.

Barilla Pasta BOGO $1.39
Barilla Pasta
Barilla Pasta BOGO $1.39
Barilla Pasta
Barilla Pasta BOGO $1.39
Barilla Pasta
Publix ham 1.16lbs $5.36
Kellogg's Cereal BOGO $3.89 (.75 coupon - $ 1.57 each)
Kellogg's Cereal
Campbell's Select BOGO $2.35 (.50 coupon - $.93 each)
Campbell's Select
Campbell's Select BOGO $2.35 (.50 coupon - $ .93 each)
Campbell's Select
Campbell's Select BOGO $2.35 (.50 coupon - $ .93 each)
Campbell's Select
Green split peas $ .99
Kellogg's cereal straws BOGO $3.89 ($1 off 2 - $1.45 each)
Kellogg's cereal straws
2 - Sunmaid raisins (6pk) $1.89 each ($3.78 - $1.00 mfg coup - $1.00 Publix coup = $ .89 each)
Quaker rice snacks $1.00
Quaker rice snacks $1.00
Quaker rice snacks $1.00
Smart Balance blends $2.99 ($1.00 mfg coupon - $1.00 Publix coupon = $ .99)
Smart Balance blends $2.99 ($1.00 mfg coupon - $1.00 Publix coupon = $ .99)

My total was $28.86 for $60.38 worth of groceries. A savings of $31.52, that's 52%. Not my best, but not bad either.

What I will do:
Cereal & cereal straws are for breakfast. I'll use 2 boxes of penne to make baked penne (otherwise known as ziti), I still have lots of mozzarella and ricotta left over from previous shopping trips. That will be enough for two trays. I also have ingredients left for a big batch of sauce/gravy. The soup will be lunch and I'll use it for dinner with grilled cheese one night. I'm making split pea with ham soup that I'll serve with bread I have frozen (my kids actually love that for dinner). The rice snacks and raisins will go in the kids lunches for school.

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Nestle coupons

One of Nestle's websites,, has lots of good tips and periodically offers coupons. The ones they sent me this time are:
Nestle Toll House morsels $ .50 off two.
Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough $ 1.00 off one.
Carnation evaporated milk $ 1.00 off 3.
If your interested in any of these, or signing up for future coupons you can click here.