Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stonyfield Farms

Stonyfield Farms has a really cute website. If you give them an e-mail address you can print out a bunch of different coupons that are redeemable for 10 days after download. Click here to see the offer.


I went back to TJ Maxx, and there wasn't much left that was yellow tag clearance. However, my store must have put out a few new things because I got three great deals that weren't there last time.

First was a Stone Mountain handbag. If you've been here before you may have read about my desire to get my Christmas shopping done early and this is a great start. The bag was originally $80.00, but I got it for the bargain price of $7.00 - a great gift for one of my Aunts. We can never have enough bathing suits with how my kids swim, so this 2 piece Speedo that was originally $40.00 was a steal at $3.00. Finally, I got a really cute shirt for one of my girls. It was $3.00, down from $16.00, and will be great for parties and picture day. This shopping trip wasn't as great as my day at Kohl's, but productive none the less.

Oh, I forgot...

I forgot to mention that Albertsons was great about taking coupons! They were very nice and didn't question every coupon or make me feel like a criminal. I didn't have any Internet coupons, but the lady in line ahead of me did, and had no problems. They get major points for their customer service.