Monday, August 25, 2008

Great coupon from Purina

You can download a $4.00 coupon from Purina for cat or dog food here. Plus once you redeem your coupon, Purina donates $1.00 worth of Purina® brand pet food coupons to a participating animal welfare organization that you get to choose. You should be able to print the coupon twice by using your back browser button.

Thanks for the tip, Cathy!!


What a great day at Publix! Coupons and blogging have allowed me to meet so many people! I was shopping with my coupon book out and a really sweet girl started a conversation with me about it. She just started using coupons, but gave me the best tip - my Publix is now accepting competitor coupons! I'm so grateful that she stopped to talk to me, otherwise I never would have known about it and would have missed out on some great deals (I'll go see Sarah at fiddledeedeeblog, she knows all about using competitor coupons).
I think this was my best trip yet in terms of what I saved. I listed the price I paid, then in ( ) are the coupons I used and the final price.

Mott's Apple Juice BOGO $2.89 (used $1 off 2 - final cost $ .95 each)
Mott's Apple Juice
Mott's Apple Juice BOGO $2.89 (used $1 off 2 - final cost $ .95 each)
Mott's Apple Juice
Ken's Marinade BOGO $2.79 (used 2 $1 off - final cost $ .39 each)
Ken's Marinade
Ken's Marinade BOGO $2.79 (used 2 $1 off - final cost $ .39 each)
Ken's Marinade
Cheese it's BOGO $4.19 (used $1 off 2 - final cost $1.60 each)
Cheese it's
V8 Splash juice BOGO$2.99 (used $1 off 2 - final cost $1.00 each)
V8 Splash juice
Hillshire Farms deli ham - sale 2 for $6.00 (used $1 off 2 publix coupon - final cost $2.50 each)
Hillshire Farms deli turkey
Duncan Hines cake mix BOGO $1.97 (used $1 off 2 - final cost $.48 each)
Duncan Hines cake mix
Smart Balance butter - sale $2.99 ($1 off 1 & publix coup for $1 off 1 - final cost $.99)
Ken's dressing BOGO $2.97 ($1 off 2 - final cost $.98 each)
Ken's dressing

Plus I had $5.00 off my Publix order of $30.00, which was mailed to me.
My total was $14.67 for $63.73 worth of products. I saved $49.06 ( 77 %)!

Sam's Club

Cheese Mozzarella 5 lbs. $12.84
Gallon of milk $3.52
3 cans Contadina Tomatoes - 6lbs, 9 oz each $2.08 ($6.24 total)
2 lbs. cheddar cheese $5.88
12 jumbo rolls paper towels $13.37
Large chop meat $9.46
Large chop meat $9.93

Grand total $61.24

  • 3 cans of tomatoes (along with a few other ingredients) will allow me to make 3 huge batches of sauce.
  • I took some of the meat and put it aside (then made a huge batch of meatballs from it!).
  • I divided the remaining meat into 4 bags and froze them, each big enough to be the big part of a meal for the 5 of us. For instance, a batch of Sloppy Joe's (or sloppy Joe DiMaggio's one of Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals), tacos or burgers.
  • The milk will last the week.
  • The paper towels should last 3-4 weeks, hopefully more as I've been using washable rags/towels whenever possible.
  • I know, I bought a lot of cheese. But there is a method to my madness. Five pounds of part skim milk shredded mozzarella cost me $12.84. I'm usually paying about $4.89 for 16 oz., but if I buy bulk it's only $2.57 for 16 oz. I figured I could freeze it and it would last longer. They do it on frozen pizza so why not? So I did it. I tried one medium sized batch and it worked!! I will save a ton of money on cheese this way, I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. Next I'll try shredding the cheddar and freezing it. My expectations are not as high, but I'm hopeful.

A fun weekend

I love being off on the weekends and will never work a job that requires weekends again! The kids and I made banana bread and brownies, and it was so much fun, not to mention delicious! We were able to swim, have play dates, do arts & crafts and my husband was free to get some projects done. It was a wonderful weekend.