Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Check this out

How do you like the new signatures? I'm not sure if I'm going to use them, but I thought it was fun to do and it was free. Which looks better? There was a ton of different things to choose from. I'm probably way behind everyone else, but I'm still excited when I do something new. I found it at my live signature if you want to check it out (or you can click on the signatures).

Hard Candy Makeup SALE!!!

They are having 75% off everything at Hard Candy Cosmetics and free shipping on orders over $60! If you use this makeup it's a great deal (if only bare minerals would have a sale like this, I could spend $60 in a heartbeat).

Thanks to fatwallet hot deals for the information!

Expired coupon?

I just got the mail and was excited to find a little booklet from Publix. I went right to the back to see if there was a coupon and yes - a $5 off $30 goldmine!! This is the 3rd one they have sent to us in about 3 months. I ripped it right out and as I was cutting it down to size I noticed the expiration date is TODAY! I am so disappointed. Does anyone know if Publix will still honor the coupon after the date? My stomach turns when I think of contacting them.

No School, again!

This is the worst way to start a school year! The kids went back Monday, had a great day, then tropical storm Fay decided to come our way and school was cancelled Tuesday. We had lots of rain and some wind, but that's about it where we are. We got the phone call last night that school would re-open today, yeah!! So we did all the stuff we do to get ready for school, put the kids to bed and thought all was right in our world. Then about 10:00p.m. we got a call that they reversed the decision and there would be no school. My kids were so disappointed when they woke up. Now we lose the day before Thanksgiving and the first day of Christmas vacation. So we'll try to get some projects done around the house and maybe do some baking.