Saturday, August 9, 2008

B-12 Deficiency Anemia

About two years ago I was feeling super tired, even more so then a hectic mom of three should. To make a long story short my nerves were constantly making my body tingle and numb, my heart started to not function normally, my skin and hair changed, I was forgetful and lightheaded, my eyes were weird and I was getting headaches all the time (among other things). I was fortunate to have a great Doctor who checked me for everything and discovered that my B-12 levels were extremely low (under 200). I've been getting shots regularly since I was diagnosed and although it took over a year to start to feel better I am pretty close to back to normal. I was in my early/mid 30's when I was first diagnosed and I've been told by many people that I was very lucky that my doctor even checked me for this. Unless you are a vegetarian or have had stomach surgery this is unusual for anyone under about 60. I have become quite knowledgeable over the past few years about this disorder so if I can be of any help let me know.


I've made a decision about my next move with Publix. I realize that I have wasted too much negative energy on them and it has to stop. Monday is my regular shopping day (for now, my schedule is about to change - but that's another post) so since Publix has yet to answer my e-mail I am going to print out the e-mail Kim B. forwarded to me and bring it in to the Manager. I will calmly explain the situation and make sure they will honor my coupons without any issues. If the answer is yes I will do my shopping, if not I can leave without a scene or any problems and take my business elsewhere. Sounds like a good plan right?

Kellogg's Rocks

If you did your shopping Sunday 8/3 or Monday 8/4 for the Kellogg's $10.00 rebate don't worry. I did the same thing (I can't believe how many silly mistakes I have been making, but I'm trying to do better). Kellogg's is being really great and honoring the date the rebate was introduced so we don't have to take everything back and start again. Here is part of the email they sent me:

Thank you for contacting us regarding Kellogg's® Fuel For School $10 Rebate offer. Since this offer was introduced on 08/03/2008, we will accept receipts with dates beginning 08/03/2008, even though the order form lists an official start date of 08/05/2008. Please send your completed rebate order in, and continue to enjoy our products. We are glad you took the time to contact us. Your interest in our products and promotions is appreciated.

James Bailey
Consumer Affairs Department
Kellogg North America
Battle Creek, MI 49016-1986

Kellogg's has now earned my loyalty. Not only were they gracious enough to accept my mistake, they got back to me right away and treated me like I was important. Don't companies realize that a little respect goes a long way? I'm still waiting for Publix to even acknowledge my email from late Tuesday.