Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CVS deals this week

Sorry that I don't have a picture, but I wanted to let you know the deals I got at CVS this week anyway. I had 3 seperate transactions over two trips.
Transaction 1
1 power ranger lego figure on clearance for $1.75
4 two packs of disney chapsticks on clearance (.75 each) $3.00
2 Loreal Hydro. conditioners BOGO $4.99
2 Loreal Hydro. shampoos BOGO $4.99
1 veet large gel cream $9.99

I had some good coupons for the veet that the company sent me so I used $9.00 of them.
I had 2 BOGO coupons for the Loreal so they were free & I used $3.00 in ECB's.
My OOP (out of pocket) was 3.96 & I took home $48.90 worth of stuff.

Transaction 2
1 Gold Emblem garlic salt .88
1 GE cashews $2.99
1 GE chocolate cashews $2.99
1 veet small gel creme $4.59
1 GE white chedder popcorn $$1.49
1 GE pretzels $2.49
1 GE popcorn $1.19
2 hersheys $2.00

I used my last veet coupon of $3.00, $1.00 off hersheys, $2.00 off $10.00 CVS purchase (Gold Emblem is a CVS brand) & $10.00 in ECBs.
My OOP was $2.62 for almost $24.00 worth of stuff and I received $5.00 in ECBs for the veet.

Transaction 3
1 CVS daily vitamin 100 ct on clearance $1.75
1 CVS multi vitamin 100ct on clearence $1.80
2 GE cashews $5.98
1 clean & clear face cleaner $5.49
1 clean & clear sensitive skin cleanser $4.49
1 clean & clear steam facial $6.99
1 clean & clear scrub cleanser $6.99
2 Loreal hydro. conditioners BOGO $4.99

The Clean & Clear was an additional $1.00 off each item. Don't forget to scan your CVS card on the price checking machine every time you're in CVS to get your extra coupons. I had received 2 different $1.00 off any purchase of CVS multivitamins so the vitamins that were on clearance were great fillers. I was also able to count them towards my CVS purchase & use another $2.00 off CVS items. I had another BOGO coupon for the Loreal so that was free. I signed up here for Clean & Clear coupons & printed out a $3.00 off 2 coupon. Later on they emailed me 2 $2.00 off any Clean & Clear purchase coupons and I was able to combine all 3 of these coupons to get some great deals. I'll give the facial stuff to my husband to wrap for my birthday. That way I get what I want and at a bargin price!
I used $7.99 in ECB's so my OOP was $10.83 for $60.50 worth of stuff. I recieved $5.00 in ECBs for the clean & clear.

So the bottom line was
$17.41 OOP for $135.61 and I still have $10.00 left in ECB's from these transactions.