Monday, July 21, 2008

Publix deals

Hello all,

I know I've been slacking off lately, but I've got a new attitude and will be blogging much more now. We spent a few weeks visiting our loved ones all over NY, NJ & CT and it was wonderful, but I just checked the credit card balance and fell off my chair. So I'm refreshed and on a mission to save enough over the next few weeks to make up for what we spent. I still can't conceive having a budget of $40 or $50 a week like some of the bloggers I love do, but I'll try my best. I've had some really great CVS shopping trips lately, but I wasn't able to get pictures. Especially today since I had the kids with me (and was reminded of why I usually leave the little darlings home when I coupon shop) and they ate/opened most of what I bought. I'll try to at least write down this weeks savings, but I will let you all in on my Publix bargains...
This was a great trip because everything I bought is stuff we will use relatively quickly, as opposed to a lot of my CVS deals that go in the cabinet until needed.
I bought
2 Green giant veggies $2.00
2 Old El Paso gordito kits $2.59 (Buy One Get One Free - BOGO)
2 dannon yogurts $1.00
Smart Balance Butter Blend $3.59
2 Dole salad blends $3.49 (BOGO)
2 Fast Fixin chicken tenders $5.99 (BOGO) you can sign up for 1.00 off coupons here
4 A-1 Marinade $5.78 (BOGO)
2 Farm Rich French Toast Sticks $3.29 (BOGO) you can sign up for .75 coupons here
Polly O string cheese $3.99
2 Tombstone pizzas $5.79
2 Barilla Marinara $2.75
2 Yocrunch yogurts $1.20

I had coupons for A-1 marinade 4/$1.00 off so they cost me almost .44 cents each.
I used 2 $1.00 off Fast fixins chicken and paid about $1.99 each.
Used $1.00 off the Smart Balance Butter (we've really been wanting to try that)
Used the .75 coupons on the french toast sticks & paid about .90 cents each
At the front of Publix there were smart summertime savings books (I took a few) with coupons for $1.00 off Polly O & $1.00 off 2 dole salads. I also used a $5.00 off $30.00 that Publix had sent me.

My grand total was $25.36 for $73.54 worth of groceries!
Maybe I can get closer to that $50.00 a week budget then I thought.