Saturday, November 8, 2008

Target - 75% off Halloween

Here is a picture of my loot! I was able to pick up quite a few costumes for the kids at a great price. As usual, if I can score a few items at 90% off I'll return some of these. There were a lot of Halloween items left when I was there yesterday, so I may get lucky. At 75% off here are some of the most common deals you will see: original price $9.99 will be $2.49, $19.99 will be $4.99, $24.99 will be $6.24, and $29.99 will be $7.49.

I bought 9 costumes, 2 accessories (a wig and a power rangers item that didn't make it to the picture), 2 gladware container packs and 5 packs of cups. My total was $61.47 for $269.73 worth of items. More money then I usually spend, but some of the costumes will be Christmas gifts and I did get great deals.
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