Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walgreen's coupon

I was a little excited to see this until I realized it was only valid online. I'm definitely not tackling an online order for my first Walgreen's saving experience, but thought I'd make sure you Walgreen's pros could get to it. The ad page also says lots of items ship free, click here for more information. Coupon valid October 8 - 10.
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Kim said...

This is my own commentary and I say this in joking ... but why in the world would anyone want to shop at Walgreens online, knowing you cannot use manufacturer coupons in combination with this $10/$50 coupon! :)

Sweetwater Savings said...

Hey Kim,
I agree, you'd be crazy to waste good deals by not using coupons! My thinking was that there might be something you can't get a coupon for that the $10.00 would be a good deal for. I don't do Walgreen's (yet) so i guess this maybe wasn't such a great idea:).