Friday, October 31, 2008

TJ Maxx

I almost didn't stop into TJ Maxx today (well technically yesterday). I don't usually catch the great deals at this location. We'll that all changed today! They had just marked down a bunch of items and I was able to grab a few great deals. Sorry the picture isn't the best angle, I was trying to take it and put the stuff for the kids away before they caught on to what I was doing.

I am a leader for my daughter's brownie troop and the girls are stuffing stockings for the salvation army at our next meeting, which is why I bought so much of the same thing. The stationary kits in the boxes were marked down to $2.00 and the Bratz ones were $1.00! The blue tennis dress, $1.00! No joke. The best deal by far was the green and tan 2 piece outfit. It's a BCBG Max Azria and is great quality. The original price at the department stores was $110.00, TJ Maxx had it for $58.00 and I bought it for $5.00!! They had books for $1.00 and quite a few toys for $1, $2, $3, & $5. I only bought the ones for $1 & $2, I had to make a limit. So if you have a TJ Maxx nearby you might want to stop in and see if they have any great deals at your store.

All together I bought over $245.00 retail value and spent $33.78!
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