Friday, October 10, 2008

TJ Maxx

OK, I can confirm that TJ Maxx has an additional 25% off all red tag sale items this weekend. My TJ Maxx had a bunch of red tag clearance items, many clothes are marked at $5.00 (which would come out to $3.75). For anyone else that would be a great bargain. Unfortunately, I've gotten so into getting good deals that most of the items were still too expensive for me.

I did find a great pair of green Baby Q soft fleece pants for my nephew and a tank top/underwear set from fundeez for my daughter. The sales lady said the 25% was only off red tag items only, but when I checked out they took it off my yellow item as well. I got the fundeez set for $2.25 and the pants for $ .52. Yes, .52 cents for a new pair of pants! What did you get?

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mom_of2boys said...

Great finds! I've never been in our TJ Maxx. I might have to stop in next time I'm by it though.