Monday, October 13, 2008


I did OK at Publix today. It seems that the more I save, the more I want to save. Today I bought a lot of good stuff and did pretty well with my savings, but if I don't save at least as much as I spend I'm not excited. Mind you this is coming from someone who didn't even use coupons 6 months ago. I hope I'm not going to need therapy to recover from coupon and sale addictions.

Sorrento ricotta cheese $3.00
soda $.69
soda $.69
Mrs. C's croutons BOGO $1.39
Mrs. C's croutons
Barber stuffed chicken BOGO $4.99 (used 2 - $1.00 coupons; final price each $1.50)
Barber stuffed chicken
Luigi lemon Italian ice BOGO $3.19
Luigi lemon Italian ice
Progresso bread crumbs BOGO $ 1.95
Progresso bread crumbs
Polly-O mozzarella $3.69
2 Fruity Cheerios & Cocoa Puffs 3 for $5.00 (used $1.00 off 3; final price each $1.34)
pretzels $1.50
Doritos BOGO $3.79
Lysol cleaner BOGO $2.69 (used 2 - $ .50 off; final price each $ .85)
Lysol cleaner
Ronzoni penne BOGO $1.39
Ronzoni penne
tortilla chips $2.29
Ronzoni pastina BOGO $1.39
Ronzoni pastina
Salsa BOGO $2.39
Classico Vodka sauce BOGO $2.69
Classico Vodka sauce
red potato $2.99
lettuce $.79
deli ham $4.55
green beans $2.69

My total was $50.22, and I saved $43.60.
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Kim said...

You did great! I understand what you mean about wanting to save more, and more...

I can never do better than about 40% savings. There are always things that I have to buy on my weekly shopping trip that do not have coupons and are not on BOGO.
The only time I do better is if I make a special trip ONLY for the deals.

Saturday, I purchased $142. in groceries (no cleaning or paper products) for only $85 oop. I bought many of the same items you did.

What area of the country are you in? I noticed that our Publix had the Barber Chicken for $3.99. Usually we're higher here in metro Atlanta than most other places.

Sweetwater Savings said...

Hey Kim,
I agree, if I buy stuff we need but is not on sale it throws my savings off. I'm in South Florida and everything is overpriced here! I'm glad that was the only thing you noticed that seemed high!
Have a great day!