Saturday, September 20, 2008

This weeks budget

I've said many times that I am amazed at all these wonderful women who live on a grocery budget of less then $50.00 a week, but it's just not for me. If I ever had to buy toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies in the same week I'd be in big trouble! So I've decided to set a budget, for our family of five, at $100 a week and see how that goes. This will include food, clothes and toiletries - things like that. Any thing else and I'd never make budget! I've done it for the past few weeks and so far I've been pretty close.

My budget will go from Sunday to Saturday and I'll try to update this every week.

Week of October 5th - October 11th
Albertson's $49.21
Sam's Club $27.75 (I didn't post or take a picture, I got 48-half pint waters, huge smart balance tub, bananas, big container grapes, large package chicken breast).

Total spent $ 76.96
Total left $ 23.04

What did you spend?
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Jennifer said...

We are a family of 4 & my weekly "grocery" budget is $100. I tried it at $75/week for about 3 weeks & it just didn't work. My grocery budget includes food, toiletries, household, pet supplies, CVS, & Walgreens. Before I started "couponing" I was spending about $150-$175 per week on this stuff. $100/week is comfortable for me right now.

Sweetwater Savings said...

Thanks for sharing your budget! If you save $75.00 a week on "grocery" items, it comes to almost $4,000 a year! When I hear those numbers it inspires me to keep up the $100 budget. I freely admit that it is a tough budget to stick to with the 5 of us (I think $125 would be a little easier for us, but that's $1,300 a year extra)!
Thanks for commenting and have a great day.