Thursday, September 4, 2008

Speaking of organizing...

We are only a few weeks into the school year and a problem is starting to rear it's ugly head. My kids bring home papers every day. Lots and lots of papers. Some are easy to get rid of, with 3 kids we get 3 of all the generic stuff, baseball clinics, Spanish lessons, tennis classes. If I'm interested I keep one and recycle the rest. Annoying yes, but no big deal.

Then there is the classroom work. I keep anything that is handmade, pictures they draw, stories they write, crafts they make. Some of the other stuff that comes home is a little trickier. Will I really look back on a worksheet, that they have just put a few numbers on, as a treasure from their childhood? Do I need the printed out results from every AR test they take?

I can't possibly store it all. I already have 2 storage bins filled to the brim with their work from previous years. This year I started a folder on the counter to easily store what I want to save, but it's already filling up. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on the matter? Please don't be shy, comment or e-mail me!!!


Rachel said...

My mom saved a lot of our stuff, and I am pretty sentimental (sp?), so I love going through and looking at all the stuff. Some of it she scrapbooked (I have three huge scrapbooks of my life, she is an artist so they are really beautiful and cute), some of it she just saved. So if you are into scrapbooking that is one idea.

The other thing I thought of is to save it digitally/electronically. If you have a scanner you could scan the paper and save it in a file, you could organize the files by year or something. Or if you have a decent camera yo ucould take a picture of it and save it.

I agree though, you dont need to save EVERYTHING, just the really cute things or maybe if they got like a 100% or an A or something. I dont have kids though, so I dont know what its like to be a proud mama yet :)

Sweetwater Savings said...

Scrapbooking is a great idea! I have one from when I was younger and it never even crossed my mind to do it for my kids (and I scrapbook with pictures for them). Thanks for the tip!

I've thought about scanning stuff, but I'm afraid that I'll just end up with another pile next to my scanner:)! Maybe now that we are getting back into the school routine I might have some free time to give scanning (and backing up - learned that the hard way) a try.
Thanks for commenting,