Monday, September 22, 2008


I didn't have any great deals or coupons this week, but I did OK. I'm seeing some of the other deals out there and my Publix doesn't have a lot of them, I double checked! I'm still liking Publix better then any other stores we have here, but we definitely need more competition!

Entenmann's BOGO $3.99
Arnold Bread BOGO $2.79
Arnold bread
Milk $379
Orange Juice $2.49
Hebrew National Franks BOGO $4.79
Hebrew National Franks
Caesar salad BOGO $2.99
Caesar salad
Tortilla chips $1.67
pretzel twists $1.50
Kellogg's corn pops BOGO $3.89
Kellogg's frosted flakes
Ronzoni Pastina BOGO $1.39
Ronzoni Pastina
Betty Crocker fruit roll ups BOGO $2.75
Betty Crocker fruit roll ups
bananas 1.62lbs $1.12
french bread $1.79
club soda $.69
shark bite fruit snacks BOGO $2.75
scooby doo fruit snacks
Ronzoni spaghetti BOGO $1.39
Ronzoni spaghetti BOGO
green beans $2.89
Kellogg's Fruit Loops BOGO $3.89
Kellogg's Fruit Loops
ground beef $2.68

Used $1.00 in coupons. Total was $48.29 for $84.37 worth of groceries. Savings of $36.08

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