Thursday, September 4, 2008


I bought some crates to try to get more organization into my son's room. His nickname is Bugaboo, so when I refer to him as Bug you know why. Anyway, I am willing to admit that Bug is spoiled. My children are fortunate that they have lots of grandparents that spoil them with love and lots of stuff. Much of that stuff is in the form of small items, with lots of little pieces.

My girls are pretty good about it. We can periodically clean out their stuff, donate anything that is in good shape and clean out the junk. Bug, not so much. He remembers every toy he has, what goes together, how many pieces are involved and everything in between! So we have devised a system where all the toys (I'm talking about smaller items like star wars figures, Lego's, teen titan figures, superheros etc...) are divided into groups that go together, then we put them into gallon storage bags.

The plan is to put these smaller bags into the crates and stack them up so there is more room. The rule is no more then one bag (unless there was overflow and we had to use two bags to house it) at a time is allowed out. Right now we have the bags stored in a large garbage bag in my husbands closet and Bug has a hard time getting them out from there. I'm hoping that these crates will be an easier system for us. I'll take a picture and let you know how it turns out.

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