Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun treat

The picture didn't come out so great, but the icee's were really appetizing in person. All you do is get a can of frozen concentrate any flavor, I bought the Walmart brand for $ .93. We used limeade this time, but our favorites are pink lemonade & fruit punch. You can follow the directions on the can & just substitute crushed ice for water. I'm a rebel when it comes to recipes so I just put a ton of crushed ice in the blender, added the concentrate and enough water to get it going (maybe a little more then a can), and let the kids blend away. They try each setting on the blender at least once, and after it's a slushy consistency the kids dive right in. I put theirs in plastic wine glasses & got out the straws and it was a great treat that hit the spot for less then $1.00!

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