Monday, August 11, 2008


I did make a stop at Walmart because I wasn't sure how Publix was going to turn out. I discovered Cheese has really gone up in price. Thanks to Rachel Ray (I love watching her 30 minute meals and she had a great calzone recipe that I really want to try) I needed lots of cheese so that was a budget breaker this week. I will try to organize a whole shopping trip based on coupons to see how well I can do here because they really do have good prices on a lot of things.

My total was $23.24. I got ham & pepperoni, 2 loaves of french bread & smart balance butter blend. Also one large and one medium shredded cheese. The nice deals were Tropicana fruit punch for $1.00 and Blue Bunny ice cream that was $2.98 and I had $1.00 off each coupons. I'm glad that I am learning to cut and/or print every coupon, even when I don't think I'll use them. Those are the coupons I'm finding I use the most!

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