Monday, August 11, 2008


Target didn't have a whole lot of great bargains this week, but they had a lot of new markdowns that I will be keeping my eye on. I try to wait until the markdowns are 75% or more and most were 15-30% with an occasional 50% thrown in.

Red dot $1.00 items are 50% off so I did get a treat for my girls with high school musical post its and 2 pack kung fu panda folder. My son needed colored pencils (.88) and t-shirts ($4.79 for 6) for school. The champion shirt was only $3.74, the same shirt in different colors was almost $15.00. Then I bought 2 pairs of fancy flip flops for me and my Mom, $3.74 each. I'll put mine away and let my husband have the kids wrap them for a Christmas gift and I'll surprise my Mom this afternoon with hers.

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