Thursday, August 21, 2008


The holiday season is right around the corner, are you preparing? We are almost done with August, and November will be here before you know it. I am so tired of the holidays flying by that I am determined to be organized and really enjoy it this year.

Getting back into the routine of school will make the rest of August fly by, so I need to take advantage of September - it may be my best chance to get stuff done! Once October comes we'll be loaded with things to do at/for school and my sister-in-law is having her wedding on Halloween (so family and friends will be flying in and we will spend a few days visiting with everyone as well). My girls both have November birthdays so we'll have parties to worry about, then right into Thanksgiving (and now we have to make up 2 days at school because of tropical storm Fay!). Once Thanksgiving is done we have a ton of things going on (school functions, parades, charity work, holiday parties, etc...). Not to mention cooking & decorating! Then BAM, it's Christmas.

I have already started some Christmas shopping. We do go a little overboard, but can only do so because I take advantage of great deals all year long (then hide them from the kids). I do have a little envelope for Christmas shopping that I put money in, a little every week. Once it's gone that's it, so I do try to get the best deals ( I rarely sleep on Thanksgiving night in anticipation of Black Friday sales!). Does anyone else start holiday stuff this early? Any tips on making time slow down?


Melissa said...

Oh, I've started too! With Target's big end of Summer toy sale I couldn't pass it up. I've already gotten superheros, legos, transformers along with a few gifts for my family. I think I'll be making some gifts this year too.... but I usually do.
I'm actually thinking about sewing some pot holders (GASP! I don't sew! LOL)
I've found lots of cute ideas on Etsy...Of course, if I don't get around to making them myself... I guess I could always buy from the artists on Etsy.

Sweetwater Savings said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one!! I got some great deals at Target too, especially boy stuff. Toys R Us has had some great deals, but they are very sporadic and mostly at the store. The shipping on the website is usually so high it cancels out the great deal. I make a lot of photo gifts, but maybe I'll branch out a little this year and let my inner artsy out.