Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm so excited

I have so much to blog about that I'm not sure where to start! I got a response from Publix. It took almost a week but an e-mail was in my box when I got home today from shopping. Here is a portion of it:

Thank you for your email. We appreciate our customers taking the time to contact us. We would like to make sure that the problem you experienced is address at your store, but unfortunately you did not include which store this happened at. I will include the current coupon policies, however we would appreciate it if you could call or email us with the store information and your phone number so that the store manager may address the issue and contact you personally. You will not be able to reply to this email, so you would need to start a new email to us. Below is the coupon information you are looking for:

We will always comply with all rules and regulations that are printed on a coupon.

***If a product is on a Buy One and Get One Free promotion you can use one manufacturer's coupon on each item.

If a product is purchased with a Buy One and Get One Free manufacturer coupon no other manufacturer's coupon can be used on the same item.

There is a limit of one Manufacturer's coupon and one Publix coupon per item if no limit is mentioned.

Publix will accept "cents off" Internet Coupons.

We will not accept "free product" Internet coupons.

We also reserve the right to reject any Internet coupon that does not appear to be legitimate or does not scan properly.

Internet coupons valued over $5.00 should be approved by a Manager or Customer Service Team Leader.

O.K., me again. I did not include the store, clerk or manager information because even though I had such a bad experience I still did not feel it would be very Christian of me to get someone in trouble or worse, so I'll really have to think about what to do next. I do want the problem addressed at my Publix so I can shop there freely with out worrying about how my check out experience will be. Which brings me to this weeks Publix trip.

As I had not heard from Publix when I left this morning I brought a copy of the email I had (which states the same facts as the email I received today) and asked to speak to the Manager. I explained the situation and my problems from last week and at first he was agreeing with the Manager last week. Then I pulled out my e-mail (thanks again Kim B.!) and showed him the rules straight from corporate and his tune changed. He was very nice and I'd like to believe that he just didn't understand what I was asking, but I doubt that was the case. He told me to please go do my shopping and if the cashier had any issues with my coupons they would call him over. At that point I did feel very confident that there wouldn't be some issues at check out, but since he assured me I could use my coupons according to corporates email I did my shopping. And guess what happened - I had the nicest cashier who did not give me one bit of trouble. Go figure.
This weeks bargains
milk $3.79
Hershey bliss BOGO $3.99 (after $1.00 coup. for each they were about $ .99 each)
Hershey bliss
Lays chips BOGO $3.79
Lays chips
Old El Paso dinner kits BOGO $2.59 (after $1.00 off 2 coup. they were about $ .80 each)
Old El Paso
Old El Paso BOGO $2.59
Old El Paso
Old El Paso BOGO $2.59
Old El Paso
Nature Valley bars BOGO $2.89 (after .50 coup. for each they were about $ .95 each)
Nature Valley bars
Parmesan cheese $3.19
baby cut carrots BOGO $1.69
baby cut carrots
Yo plait yogurt 6 pk BOGO $2.79 (after $ .75 off 2 coup. they were $1.02 each)
Yo plait yogurt 6 pk
Betty Crocker fruit snacks BOGO $2.75 (after 2 $ .50 coup. they were about $ .87 each)
Betty Crocker fruit snacks
Polly-o ricotta $3.39
My total after tax was $29.05 for over $62.77 worth of groceries. Plus, I didn't even buy everything on sale.

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