Saturday, August 9, 2008

B-12 Deficiency Anemia

About two years ago I was feeling super tired, even more so then a hectic mom of three should. To make a long story short my nerves were constantly making my body tingle and numb, my heart started to not function normally, my skin and hair changed, I was forgetful and lightheaded, my eyes were weird and I was getting headaches all the time (among other things). I was fortunate to have a great Doctor who checked me for everything and discovered that my B-12 levels were extremely low (under 200). I've been getting shots regularly since I was diagnosed and although it took over a year to start to feel better I am pretty close to back to normal. I was in my early/mid 30's when I was first diagnosed and I've been told by many people that I was very lucky that my doctor even checked me for this. Unless you are a vegetarian or have had stomach surgery this is unusual for anyone under about 60. I have become quite knowledgeable over the past few years about this disorder so if I can be of any help let me know.


FeelingFrugal said...

The same thing happened to me a couple years ago. I was tired all the time, had numbness in my hands, sharp pains in my abdomen, and I felt faint all the time. After months of having several tests performed my doctor finally checked my B-12 levels, and sure enough that was it! I’ve added B-12 supplements and nutritional yeast to my diet - I actually like the taste of the nutritional yeast. I am a vegetarian, but many of my vegetarian friends have never had a B-12 problem – I guess it just happens to some. I’m so thankful I feel better now.

Sweetwater Savings said...

That's great that you don't need the shots, I get them every 2 weeks (courtesy of my hubby). I'm glad your feeling better!! Thanks for commenting,