Monday, August 4, 2008

New limit on Kids Advil

CVS had a lot of good deals this week. One thing I discovered is that the limit on the childrens Advil is 2 not one. It's on sale for $5.79 and you get $5.79 back in ECBs. I don't know how I managed to put 2 in my cart and not notice it when checking out (divine intervention I'd imagine), but I got back $11.58 in ECbs and it says limit reached 2 on my receipt. It's an August monthly special that's lisited at limit one.
Other good deals are dawn dishliquid @ .88. They had .50 coupons in yesterdays paper, so you'll pay.38 each. There were also coupons for crest white expressions and I had a coupon for colgate. The best deal is the pert, they have it on sale BOGO and they had coupons in yesterdays paper. They also had a rebate for up to 5$ on school supplies when you buy pert. They were already out of the pert at my CVS so I'll keep you posted if I get my hands on some.

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