Monday, August 4, 2008

Coupons in the paper

I know many of us buy more then one paper on Sunday to get the extra coupons, but not all papers are created equal.
Case in point: Sunday there were great coupons for Kellogg's, plus a rebate form for $10.00 back if you buy the qualifying items. These were not in our local treasure coast newspaper. My parents had been on vacation so we picked up the papers for them. They get the treasure coast paper and the Palm Beach Post. While both had many of the same coupons, only the Palm Beach Post had the Kellogg's one. So if you're hearing about all these coupons people are using and you have no idea where they got them (which happens to me all the time. I'm hoping this means I've solved the mystery), you might want to check if your papers do the same thing. From now on I'll be buying at least one of each!


Robin said...

We didn't get the Kellogg's coupons in our local paper, I didn't think to check the larger city paper. I will do that next time.

I found your blog from Money Saving Mom and I enjoyed reading it. We lived in the TC for about 3 years and loved it. Still have friends there.

Sweetwater Savings said...

Hi Robin,
We love the TC too. Glad you enjoyed reading my blog, hope it's helpful! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I hope you keep checking back with me.
Have a great day,