Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy. The kids were outside and I wanted to hide a few things in the closet for Christmas before they came in so I didn't notice the picture was bad until too late.
Here's the scoop
Hot wheels spin slammer (was 19.99) - $4.98
Transformer transportable activity center (was 29.99) - $7.48
Digital spy camera (was 14.99) - $7.98
Power Ranger jungle fury walkie-talkies (was 19.99) - 4.98
Spiderman deluxe chalk set (was 3.14) - $1.57 (got 2)
MXS motorcycle toy (was 3.79) - $ .94 (got 2)
Big bag of knights (was 1.99) - $1.99
Large sling shot (nerf like) (was 2.99) - $1.48
Double pack Ziplock bags (was 4.99)- $3.49
Diamond plastic silverware (was 3.38) - $3.99
Purex 2x detergent (was 2.99) - $2.49
All 2x (was 4.99) - $1.64
Solo cups (was 3.99) - $3.38
Dixie plates (was 3.99) - $3.38
6 pk elmers - $1.00 (got 2)
Composition books - $ .50 (got 3)
10 pack of 70 ct notebooks - $ .50
10 pack portfolios - $1.00
I know some of the deals don't sound to good, but the purex, ziploc, diamond silverware, All, solo cups & dixie plates were all limited edition sizes (larger then usual) and were good deals without being on clearance. I also had a purex coupon for .50 & a target coupon for $1.50 off the All. Some things were bought specifically for the party Saturday so I couldn't wait for another markdown, but I will be checking back on Monday to see if anything has been marked down more. I also splurged on the digital spy camera. It was only 50% off, but it was the last one and my son is very into the spygear stuff and will love it. I'll use the less expensive toys as party favors and save a lot that way. I had made a trip to Michaels a few weeks ago and they had a bunch of notebooks and girl things on clearance for .50 cents each so this will be the least amount of money I've ever spent on party favors and I brought home better things then ever before.
My total at Target including tax was $60.36. Definitely a budget breaker. I don't know what the normal prices on the school supplies were so just using the sale price on those I brought home $136.73 worth of stuff ($145.62 with tax?) So I saved over $85.00 which isn't too shabby.

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