Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I blew my budget

OK I'll admit it, I threw the budget out the window this week. But, in my defense, I got a lot of good deals. We are also having my son's birthday party on Saturday and I usually would be spending a fortune just on that so I really have saved a lot this week. Lets start with Office Max...

Unfortunately I've missed out on some of the great Staples deals as I don't have a Staples near me so I had to take advantage of Office Max since I was right there. I was a little disappointed because I was there Monday and some of the items were already gone, which really annoys me, but I still did good. Take note in the picture of how the sharpie high-liters look. When I brought them to the register I asked if they were the ones on sale and the salesgirl said no. She began to ring them up and as I said I don't want them if they aren't on sale I saw that they rang up with the sales price. The sales girl was shocked, and as the store was out of the ones that were supposed to be on sale I was thrilled to get them.
3 sharpie mini high-liters .15 cents
3 ring binder rulers .03 cents
2 micro ban scissors pointed $1.98
3 blunt scissors .75 cents
3 color crayons 24ct .03 cents
set of 5 pink erasers .99 cents
Avery 8 tab inserts .99 cents
So I got $21.34 worth of school stuff for $5.24
Next stop Target

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