Saturday, June 7, 2008

Publix shopping trip

I think I did pretty good on my latest trip to Publix. I bought everything pictured for $9.60!
They had some great buy one get one free deals and I used my coupons.
-Lucky Charms & Cinnamon Toast Crunch were buy 1 get 1 and came to 3.99 for 2. I used 2/ .55 cents off so it came to $2.66.
-Nesquik chocolate milk was $1.oo each. I had 3/ .50 cents off coupons that should have been $1.50 off, but somewhere between the car and the checkout I lost one coupon so I only got $1.00 off, Total was $2.00 for 3.
-Yoplait gogurt was buy one get one for $2.89. With 2/ $1.00 off coupons both Gogurts came to .89 cents.
-Ronzoni pastina was buy one get one so both boxes came to $1.39. The kids love sweet pastina for breakfast so that will be a nice treat for them.
-The best deal was the Kashi Granola bars, they were buy 1 get one at $3.69. I had 2/$2.00 off coupons that publix gave me full credit for. So after $4.00 in coupons the Kashi bars were free with a .31 cent overage!
- I splurged on cola for .69.
If my calculations are right I got $33.55 (before tax) worth of groceries for $9.60!

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